“Homes in harmonious locations with built-in quality of life”

Index Residence was founded in 1998 and has since successfully developed homes throughout the Southeastern United States and Stockholm, Sweden. All our projects share a passion for creating modern residences in harmonious locations with amenities and services that elevate our residents quality of life. We want more people to have the opportunity to live in residences with high architectural value that help make life easier and better – homes that satisfy our residents needs as well as their dreams. In order to do so, we work tirelessly to determine what people – just like you – value and desire. Index Residence is constantly evolving and changing as quickly as people’s lives do. Learn more about our vision here.


“We build your dreams”

What does your dream home look like? A large kitchen, a spacious terrace with views, a bathroom with a spa feeling or your own garden? Perhaps it’s near work or closer to nature with the sea or inlet just outside your window? These are the dreams we know many people have. But don’t let the dream stop there. At Index Residence, we help you dream bigger. We often say: “we build your dreams.” Your home might have a tennis court and a gym, an office for telecommuting or a private boat mooring you can see from your balcony. These are innovative and visionary residences that cater to every aspect of life. We hope to elevate your expectations.



our values


We are ambitious in all our pursuits. With focus, local knowledge and streamlined processes, the rewards become greater – that we then pass on to our residents.


All projects begin as an idea. Therefore, free and creative thinking – the ability to see beyond the conventional and expected – are fundamental qualities that spearhead our development and growth. We believe in creative visualization – if you can dream it, we can build it.


Creative thinking only has realizable value when it is combined with decisiveness. This is how we transform a residence into something that someone can call “home”.


No idea is too far fetched. We always strive to do things differently – we pursue the ideal that there is always a more efficient, more creative way to build our developments. Innovation and development are not the result of a giant leap, but of a million steps that ultimately lead to something special.